[Techtalk] Problem updating critical security updates for Red Hat 7.3

Caitlyn M. Martin cmartin at rateintegration.com
Mon Nov 4 13:01:52 EST 2002

Hi, Linda,

Let's see if we can get you going at all....

For the moment, forget the kernel upgrade since you seem to be stuck on

I am going to assume you don't know how to install the rpm.  If you do,
please accept my apologies.  I really don't know where you stand.  Open
a terminal window (command prompt).  Become root with the command:


Enter your root password.  If the floppy disk is in the drive go ahead
and mount it.  

mount /mnt/floppy

Next copy the rpm to your home directory.

cp /mnt/floppy/* .

Install the rpm:

rpm -ivh <name of file here>

That will install the Mandrake RPMs for your modem.  You can then test
to see if it works.

I hope this helps.


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