[Techtalk] Stuck-Desk-KDE

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Sun Nov 3 03:54:42 EST 2002

Hi All,

	This evening was a good one, I moved my printer to Linux with very
little trouble. It is *really great* to have postscript for the cost of
the OS. I was being forced into looking at an expensive print spooler
program, my Mac postscript program, no longer upgradeable, needed to
reboot to system 7 from sys 8.6 and that was getting troublesome. The
printer output from Lunux CUPs is very good. 
	Another success tonight was getting my USB Kensington mouse working. I
need to figure out how to get the 4 buttons and wheel doing something
different, any suggestions. The mouse acts like a two button standard
mouse, however my index finger is getting a break, the thumb is the main
button pusher now. 

	Main question; On the KDE desktop I have the standard/default four
separate "desktops"in my user space. One of them (#2) loads a group of 4
programs on startup. I don't want that. only one program is intended to
start on loading the KDE desktop. They seem stuck?? I tried clearing the
clip board on each desktop, no luck, also unchecked reload existing
desktop on start-up.
Where does one look to stop these programs from loading. I must point
out one of them is Konqurer, it show a blank page, very un-Konqurer
like, the other is a terminal, third I don't remember, fourth is
Sylpheed which is intended to load on startup. Weird thing is they load
on the no. 2 desktop not the usual no. 1. 


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