[Techtalk] Intro and Gentoo

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Sun Nov 3 11:39:04 EST 2002

> I was wondering what people's impressions of gentoo linux were.

I thought it was very interesting when I set it up and ran it for a couple
of months a bit less than a year ago..
	In some ways, the thing I found most surprising was how well the
instructions worked for bootstrapping yourself from practically nothing.
	I had a very hard time getting X going, and I never really was
sure where I went wrong.
	In the end, I noted nothing in the way of performance or
functionality gains, so in a practical sense I considered it a very
time-consuming experiment with no real advantage over the Debian I use
day-to-day. I don't, however, have any challenging or unique functions I'm
trying to accomplish with my machines that might profit from the
advantages gentoo may offer.
	I certainly learned some fun stuff, had a blast, and appreciated
what was going on. I do not now run it, though, so I can't possibly
comment on what's been going on since my experiment.
	Would be interested to hear what's up.


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