[Techtalk] env LANG=C

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Fri Nov 1 09:31:43 EST 2002

Okay, as usual my LUG list is less that helpful, therefore I must turn to my 
fellow Linuxchix. (why don't I just come here first? well, OK, I will!)

When using the command env LANG=C to run a program, for example

env LANG=C gnumeric

is it correct to say, this sets the locale for gnumeric as defined within 
gnumeric's own code? In order to override the system locale? That C = the 
default as coded in the app itself?

Or am I like totally confused? Here are some reference docs I found:


I can firmly and confidently state that env is a bash command. By dang, got 
that much.
Carla Schroder
Bratgrrl Computing
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