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Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Fri Nov 1 02:08:27 EST 2002

Hi Jenn & All,

	I can contribute only a few ideas. I still use my Mac for fax. I have a
separate folder (directory) faxes are copied into, it is checked for
faxes a few times a day, and if a doc/fax is found, it can be ether
printed, ocred or an e-mail notice forwarded, not the actual fax file. I
guess you could also have the fax file re-sent in e-mail. I had someone
Applescript this for me, my guess is in Linux it would be simpler.
	I would not OCR, my experience is the error rate even at 99%+ is to
high. I would use/consider converting to PDF to forward the files, it is
one of the more universal formats and is not a lot bigger than good
quality image formats. Also if the faxes are of a binding/legal nature,
OCR requires some correction by a person which "could" invalidate the
agreement. I looked last year for Linux OCR and could not find it. There
are some good UNIX ($$) OCR packages.

On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 11:53:13 -0500
"Davis, Jennifer" <JDavis at JUSTICE.GC.CA> wrote:

> Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of fax software I could setup on my
> PC that would take incoming faxes and email them to us.  Essentially,
> I would like to send faxes from the office to home and then email the
> documents back to the in some sort of graphical format so that I can
> run OCR on them. Actually, I wouldn't mind even ftping in to get the
> fax.  We would then OCR the document here.  I am hoping that 200dpi
> will be good enough for OCR. Also the fax software would need to be
> controllable from the command line as I don't want callers to get a
> screeching when they call.
> I tried compiling hylafax, a while back but it just didn't work on the
> machine.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks
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