[Techtalk] simple reference book on C++/ was [Techtalk] sim ple reference book on Linux

Davis, Jennifer JDavis at JUSTICE.GC.CA
Thu Jan 31 16:02:50 EST 2002

	I decided that I wanted to learn to program, so I bought the book
Learn C++ in 21 days.  It seems okay, but none of the syntax I used work.
Go figure!  I should have sought advice on what book to buy before dropping
my hard-earned cash on a book that seems to be written for Visual C++ users.

	I got errors when I tried to compile iostream.h into my hello world
program.  After dropping a pile on this book, I am a bit nervous about
plunking down more bucks.  In the mean time, I was wondering if there were
any good recommendations for C++ resources in book form or on the net.

	If neccesary, I can show what I've done, but right now, it seems
like a lot of trouble to do what: 

10 ?"Hello World"
20 GOTO 10

used to do.


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