[Techtalk] simple reference book on Linux

Malcolm rannirl-lc at otherkin.net
Thu Jan 31 14:35:21 EST 2002

On Thursday 31 January 2002 08:13 am, Caitlyn Martin wrote:

> Please don't be offended, but "Linux for Dummies" is really very good.
> Keith found it more than helpful.

Not offended, but curious. Have they released a new version?

When I picked it up a couple of years ago, I found it outdated, almost
impenetrable, and just plain wrong in a significant number of places. Oh,
and only comprehendable if you already knew what you were doing. It certainly 
wasn't a "dummies" level book nor something I would recommend. It's actually 
on my "do not buy this book" list, so if it's been improved, it would be 
helpful to know.

> I have also heard very good things about "Linux for Windows Addicts",
> but as someone who mostly eschews Windows I haven't really looked at it
> in detail myself.

I had to use Windows breifly recently (I've been almost completely linux 
based at home for a couple of years and at work for a year), and it was very 
frustrating. Nothing worked correctly and everything seemed counter intuitive.

Maybe there's a market for "Windows for Linux Addicts". Or at least some one 
to tell me what the "ctrl-u" equivalent is (it used to be 'escape' but that 
either doesn't work or closes the dialog or some other random event it seems).

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