[Techtalk] Stumped on dead Apache

Michelle Murrain tech at murrain.net
Thu Jan 31 08:05:26 EST 2002

I've got a red hat box (7.1, running kernel 2.4.2-2) with a hand-built 
apache installation (for a variety of good reasons). Unfortunately, I am 
fairly unfamiliar with Red Hat. For about 2-3 months now, apache has been 
happy - has worked like a charm. Last night, as I was working on a web 
application, apache just died. I was doing absolutely no systems admin 
work. No recent changes in configs. Not only did it die, but it refuses to 
be started, by any means.  I've checked all log files, and I can find no 
error messages for when it died, or even when I try to re-start it, so I 
have no notion of why it's not starting. The box is fairly well battened 
down, and I've been monitoring security issues, and a clean version of 'ps' 
tells me that nothing *appears* amiss. No other aspects of the server seem 
strange - everything else is working fine.

In doing a bit of web research, I came across the suggestion to remove the 
apache rpm if you have a hand-build version. I haven't done that, because 
there a number packages that depend on it - and I didn't want to run into a 
dependency nightmare - but perhaps I should go ahead and force remove it. I 
have removed the apache logrotate script, that kills and restarts apache. 
That hasn't made any difference.

The strange part is that this came out of nowhere, and I can't find *any* 
evidence of why it's happening. Very frustrating.

Suggestions, ideas, HELP!!


Michelle Murrain
tech at murrain.net
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