[Techtalk] Virusmail

Eli Therese Moseid honeypot at online.no
Wed Jan 30 18:34:38 EST 2002

Hello Chix.

Sorry for crossposting, please reply to me ONLY and not to the list. 

As you all know virusmail was sent from my mailaddress yesterday, it
wasn't sent to the list, but might have been sent directly to some of

I'm very sorry about this, and I'll try explain how it did happen. 

My boyfriends stepfather is very clumsy when it comes to computers, and
I bet he lit up like a sun when he thought someone had sent him
partypictures, so he opened the damn attachment, which he got on *his*
mail. Unfortunately I had my email setup and ready for use at his
machine, I borrowed it some months ago, and did obviously forget to
remove my account again. So when he activated the virus it used my email
to resend itself again and again. 

I hope noone opened it, if you did I'm terribly sorry. 

It wont happen again, luckily Linux is a little safer when it comes to
viruses, and my account at his windoze machine is removed.

All the best,        -o)
Eli Therese Moseid   / \
honeypot at online.no  _\_v

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