[Techtalk] Affordable rack/shelving mounts

Jesika tx-kewtie at satx.rr.com
Mon Jan 28 22:44:29 EST 2002

These wire shelves work nicely!  Sam's Club carries something like this, if
your city has one.  They also had a matching computer desk (which,
naturally, I'm now sitting at, lol!).  We got a large 5 shelf model which
houses a few of our servers, has one shelf dropped a bit to hold hubby's
main keyboard (music, not typing), and the last shelf at floor level to hold
his pedals and a few rarely used items.  I believe it came with wheels, but
we left them off.  Just for a weight reference, his keyboard and one piece
of equipment caused a folding conference table to collapse.  They are now
happly stable one one shelf, and have plenty of equipment keeping them
company.  Simply put, these shelves are perfect!

Jesika the Long Winded

> The best stuff I've seen that wasn't a real rack was metal wire shelving
> where the shelves were heavy wire "mesh".  These were industrial shelves
> suitable for putting heavy boxes of merchandise on - like 300# per shelf
> or more.  While guerilla rack is sturdy, the shelves tend to be particle
> board, and thus not provide the best ventilation.

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