[Techtalk] Affordable rack/shelving mounts

Linda Laubenheimer ljl at rahul.net
Mon Jan 28 19:59:39 EST 2002

James wrote:
> It doesn't have to be a classic rackmount either.  It can be shelving.
> In fact we only have one thing that is supposed to be rackmounted, an
> eSniff (http://www.vericept.com/).  We just need something that isn't
> warping... And we have other computers we need to get off the floor,
> because we have the only server room in North America which floods
> occasionally.  I'll post pictures sometime.
> Any recommendations?

The best stuff I've seen that wasn't a real rack was metal wire shelving 
where the shelves were heavy wire "mesh".  These were industrial shelves 
suitable for putting heavy boxes of merchandise on - like 300# per shelf 
or more.  While guerilla rack is sturdy, the shelves tend to be particle 
board, and thus not provide the best ventilation.

Wire Shelving Examples:

The mobile units are a nifty idea if you have to... evacuate your server 
room periodically ;)

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