[Techtalk] Old Computers....

elinor elinor at mn.rr.com
Sat Jan 26 18:14:05 EST 2002

Working at a school, I can't tell you how many phone calls I get from 
people offering me what really amounts to their garbage.  It takes more 
support staff to maintain older hardware, so I think it's best to just 
aim to keep as current as possible.  I like the X terminal idea for the 
old P100-200s though.  Ellie

On Saturday, January 26, 2002, at 04:46  PM, James wrote:

> You should see how many AppleIIes and even older stuff we get sent
> sometimes.  :)
> We ourselves are trying to get rid of AppleIIes and other ancients, but
> there are some kind of restrictions on us throwing them out (They
> contain toxic waste or something and we can't throw it out.  But we can
> give it to students to take home and have them throw out.  No sense at
> all :) ).
> Our P100-200s are being declared obsolete for their current use and are
> being reassigned.  I'm taking a bunch of them and turning them into X
> terminals.

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