[Techtalk] Affordable rack/shelving mounts

James james at james-web.net
Sat Jan 26 13:05:37 EST 2002

Right now at my work, where our servers sit is a wood table.  Like, made
from plywood.  Our sysadmin (my boss) built it himself (Was a
woodshop/tech teacher in the district prior to being Systems

Anyone know of any affordable rack mount/metal chassis?

Our wood monstrosity is getting pretty bad looking.  :o

We were thinking maybe even just getting metal shelving from Home Depot.
At home, I did this:

(Wow, can't people make simple urls anymore?)

It holds 3 computers, 1 monitor, 2 hubs and a UPS on it.  Each shelf is
"rated" at being able to hold 350 lbs.  

However we'd need a bigger one than that.  We have 5-8 servers in there.

It doesn't have to be a classic rackmount either.  It can be shelving.
In fact we only have one thing that is supposed to be rackmounted, an
eSniff (http://www.vericept.com/).  We just need something that isn't
warping... And we have other computers we need to get off the floor,
because we have the only server room in North America which floods
occasionally.  I'll post pictures sometime.

Any recommendations?

- James

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