[Techtalk] Rebooting problem.

Aaron Mulder ammulder at alumni.princeton.edu
Thu Jan 24 10:58:29 EST 2002

	I had a similar rebooting problem that was fixed when I plugged in 
my external USB hub.  I guess some device was sucking too much power for 
the system to run in its bus-powered mode, but the fact that it caused 
spontaneous reboots was just too weird.


On Wed, 23 Jan 2002 leslie at freakybutt.net wrote:
> I'm not sure what could cause the problem I am having, but my computer
> just reboots randomly. It isnt OS specific it will do it in Linux and
> Windows. It sometimes even reboots before it can even get to an OS to
> load. All my settings in BIOS are correct. The motherboard/processor is
> definitely not overheating. Here are the specs.
> Abit BX133-RAID Mobo
> 1 Ghz P III CPU
> 512 MB RAM
> 20.4 GB Maxtor Harddrive (Primary Master)
> DVD-ROM (Primary Slave)
> Realtek Ethernet 10/100 PCI
> SoundBlaster 64 ISA
> ATI All-in-Wonder Pro PCI
> Has anyone ever had any problems with any of these? Ive just been having
> hell with it lately. Because it keeps rebooting I decided to format it and
> try Linux as a desktop but it just up and reboots in the middle of
> install. :(
> - Leslie
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