[Techtalk] Random: MS problem, Linux solution and an experiment

James james at james-web.net
Wed Jan 23 15:56:45 EST 2002

> Your "cat" solution is ingenious and cool, and may be all you 
> need. I'll definitely save it for future reference. But in 
> case you're looking for more, you might be itnerested in the 
> linux touchpad configurator: http://www.compass.com/synaptics/

Mine is Synaptics.  Thanks for the link.

Anyone know what to do about my laptop and battery?

The battery was basically 'drained out' yesterday and it has been
charging for nearly 16+ hours.  After I go to my last class, I'll come
along and see how long I can use it before it kills itself again.

It used to seem to go 3-4 hours, but now it barely makes seemingly 30-45

I'd have to use the System Restore CD to bring it back to Windows ME
before they'd even TALK to me at Compaq tech support however. :(

- James

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