[Techtalk] RE: priority inversion

elena_bevell at netcourrier.com elena_bevell at netcourrier.com
Wed Jan 16 03:38:49 EST 2002

For those who want a book, 
Andrew Tanenbaum's "Modern
Operating Systems" _Second Edition_  
explains priority inversion and many
other theoretical aspects of Linux.

I read this book (first edition) many years
ago for a class - and probably many people
on this list did also.  
The second edition (published
2001) has been substantially rewritten
and now contains large sections that
are Linux specific, and explains specifically
how Linux differs from the other Unices.
There's also a  new chapter on security.

Maybe this has something to do with the
passage of years, but the second edition
seemed much clearer and well-written
than the first.  Anyway, I found
it helpful and maybe others will as well


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