[Techtalk] terms [was: Re: rxvt]

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Sun Jan 13 14:21:32 EST 2002

Val said;

> I switched to Eterm as part of my migration to Enlightenment and Gnome
> (from tvtwm and xterm - I realized I was stagnating).  Eterm has neat
> little menus, including a font menu.

I started using Eterm for transparency originally, because I tended to use
dark backgrounds anyway and having transparent terminals was an "ooh, ahh"
point for me. I still used xterm at home where I used to be on a p200 (up
until 6 months ago)... it was faster than Eterm and did all I needed.

Recently (in the last 2 months) I have switched to using PowerShell, which
makes me think of Eterm on steroids. The main attraction is tabbed
shelling -- many tabs of many terminals. I can also set up viewers for
URLs, email, things like that, which is useful. The standard transparent
background/pixmap background/font changing is all there too. I also like
being able to set up keyboard shortcuts for starting new tabs of terminals
and other useful things.

Just my 2 cents on terminals :o)

Oh and someone mentioned having NT users impressed by your linux desktop
-- the single thing that gets the most eyes turned at work (other than my
background, which includes Bill Gates) is rdesktop, a Terminal Services
client for linux. "Wait a minute -- how can you do that? You're not
running vmware..." "It's like Terminal Services..." "Wow, that's really
cool!" ;o)


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