[Techtalk] Security course (was: Re: C programming "course")

Jenn Vesperman jenn at anthill.echidna.id.au
Sun Jan 13 16:12:32 EST 2002

On Sun, 2002-01-13 at 08:08, coldfire wrote:
> > 	In related news, Jesika and I will be submitting a paper to
> > DefCon this year on how to set up a relatively secure server when you're
> > a Linux newbie.  

> has linuxchix ever organized anything for defcon?  i've been there a few
> times now and never heard any mention of linuxchix ... i bet the community
> would dig that :P

I haven't, and I won't be this year either. The US is a little far for
me - and I'm already booked for Rubi-Con this year.

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