[Techtalk] DefCon (was: Security Course)

Jesika tx-kewtie at satx.rr.com
Sat Jan 12 16:28:15 EST 2002

> has linuxchix ever organized anything for defcon?  i've been there a few
> times now and never heard any mention of linuxchix ... i bet the community
> would dig that :P

That's why we're doing it!  There was a thread a short time about how there
weren't many female speakers, which morphed into how the press still thinks
that females at con are akin to a circus sideshow act.  I mentioned that
last year, a small group of girls got together over lunch for a talk on the
basics of networking.  Raven and I communicated a bit about it off list, and
finally decided that we could give a talk in the newbie track, and use it to
plug a social event, plus give a springboard for discussion at our social.
It should be fun!

So... does that mean you're volunteering to help organise?  ;-)


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