[Techtalk] Security course (was: Re: C programming "course")

coldfire rolick571 at duq.edu
Sat Jan 12 17:08:37 EST 2002

> 	In related news, Jesika and I will be submitting a paper to
> DefCon this year on how to set up a relatively secure server when you're
> a Linux newbie.  We were hoping to run a LinuxChix social afterwards,
> with discussion of similar technical topics.  If DT accepts our talk,
> we'll use the talk to plug the social, but the social will be happening
> regardless of our talk getting accepted or not.  So if any of y'all are
> going to be going to DefCon, you are certainly invited to attend and
> help us organize, hand out fliers, contribute your security expertise,
> herd cats, or just hang out.  If interested, please reply off-list to
> Jesika (tx-kewtie at satx.rr.com) and me.

has linuxchix ever organized anything for defcon?  i've been there a few
times now and never heard any mention of linuxchix ... i bet the community
would dig that :P


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