[Techtalk] Java on Linux

Walt pippin at fred.net
Sat Jan 12 17:27:19 EST 2002

I may just compile some that way when
I'm finished. It's not like I have to edit
my code to switch platforms. :-)

On my current hardware, I don't notice
much of a performance issue, but that
may change when I switch to some older,
celeron systems and it will be handy to
eliminate that performance problem and
(maybe??) the need for the JVM as well.



Xp0nential wrote:

>the problem is that this renders Java platform dependent then.
>+ the fact that Java compilers compile bytecodes that the JVM interprets
>is not the only reason why in "typical" applications Java might be slower.
>But still its cool to know.
>PS: I am talking theoretically because I personally haven't used Java yet. 
>so just thought I should mention that.

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