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Sat Jan 12 14:19:51 EST 2002

the problem is that this renders Java platform dependent then.
+ the fact that Java compilers compile bytecodes that the JVM interprets
is not the only reason why in "typical" applications Java might be slower.
But still its cool to know.
PS: I am talking theoretically because I personally haven't used Java yet. so just thought I should mention that.
--- coldfire <rolick571 at duq.edu> wrote:
>> > coldie wrote:
>> > >it is possible to compile java programs directly into machine code ... but
>> > >it would have to be compiled as platform dependent obviously .. :)
>> > I must confess I have wanted to be able to
>> > do this, but didn't know that it was possible.
>> >
>> > How can you do this?
>> gcc now has this capacity. 
>> http://gcc.gnu.org/java/
>that's exactly the link i had in mind :)
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