[Techtalk] End key no longer goes to EOL

Jeff Dike jdike at karaya.com
Fri Jan 11 00:47:58 EST 2002

grs at theneteffect.com said:
>   KeyRelease event, serial 29, synthetic NO, window 0x1600001,
>     root 0x35, subw 0x0, time 1404496059, (198,393), root:(501,532),
>     state 0x0, keycode 103 (keysym 0xff57, End), same_screen YES,
>     XLookupString gives 0 characters:  "" 

> but the 3rd line is identical on both machines, which is the part I
> would've expected to be different, no?

Yeah :-)

If they both give 'keysym 0xff57, End', then I dunno.  That's the part you
could have used xmodmap to match up.


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