[Techtalk] End key no longer goes to EOL

Jeff Dike jdike at karaya.com
Thu Jan 10 23:41:29 EST 2002

grs at theneteffect.com said:
> My SO upgraded my workstation to RH7.2 about a month ago, and one
> oddity that cropped up hasn't been fixed yet:  when using pico in pine
> (my mailer of choice), pressing the "End" key no longer goes to the
> end of the line like it used to do and it's really getting irritating
> (now it beeps at me and says "Unknown Command").

If you still have a box which has a working "End" key, run xev on it, hit
the it, and see what gets spit out on the terminal.  Then do the same on 
your RH7.2 box.  There should be different results.

Then 'man xmodmap' to see how to restore the old behavior.


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