Memory Accounting, JDKs [was: Re: [Techtalk] Java on Linux]

Raven, corporate courtesan raven at
Thu Jan 10 18:40:53 EST 2002

Heya --

	I will preface this with a disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing
about Java.  But I do know process accounting.

Quoth Nicole Zimmerman (Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 02:02:18PM -0800):
> When I run the client and the server both on the same machine (for
> internal testing), along with the GUI, I am up to 241M memory used, 118
> Java 'processes' (according to ps). This seems like a lot, but we want to
> track down whether it is the client code or the server code that is doing
> the busywork with memory.

	Try this: run the client alone on a system.  Then ps will give
you an accurate reflection of how many resources the client is using.

	Then run the server + client.  Since you know how many resources
the client uses when it's running standalone, the difference is what
the server is using (or what the server causes the client to use, which
is effectively the same thing anyway when they're running on the same

	Then add in the GUI.  Again, now that you know what the server
and client are using, the difference will be what the GUI is using.

	Someone tell me if there's some big Java-ey reason why this
wouldn't work?


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