[Techtalk] Java on Linux

Aaron Mulder ammulder at alumni.princeton.edu
Thu Jan 10 17:17:04 EST 2002

	Well, now, that's a lot different.  What's interesting is that MS
is following many of these with .Net (which includes their C, C++, C#
implementations, among others).  Presumably they have some way to make it
run fast with their CLR, and if so, it's just a matter of throwing enough
brainpower at the problem of creating a fast runtime.  Sun has done fairly
well with HotSpot, though it's still probably, what would you say, 1/2 the
speed of native code?
	But what it really comes down to is that there are different tools
for different problems.  If my OS ran 50% slower, I'd probably be pretty
miffed.  But when it comes to many enterprise applications, you save a lot
more money in developer time writing in Java instead of C than you spend
doubling the horsepower of the box you're going to run on.  And that's
assuming that you don't even care about the advantages of Java, such as
the ability to change from x86 to Sparc to Power to Itanium as your needs


On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Xp0nential Xp0nential wrote:
> from the top of my head:
> the reasons why Java is slow:
> * Runtime binding
> * Lazy Class loading and linking
> * Garbage Collection
> * Languagel-level multithreading
> *Very slow expection handling
> *bytecode 

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