[Techtalk] USB hardware question

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Thu Jan 10 13:36:05 EST 2002

other then /proc which actually is a very good place to look at stuff @-@
another method would be using dmesg
type   dmesg | more
this is the list of devices detected by the OS while its booting.
now if you notice that your device has a certain name for the system , i.e your mp3 player might be detected as <mp3devicebla>
next time you run dmesg run it this way
dmesg | grep mp3devicebla
replace mp3devicebla by the appropriate label.
I hope i didn't confuse you,


--- Michael Carson <mikecarson at usa.net> wrote:
>     One additional question that's been bugging me is how do I tell what
>device devices plugged into the USB ports are using?  I have an MP3
>player that sometimes is /dev/sda and sometimes /dev/sdb, a serial port
>that is /dev/ttyUSB0 that took the better part of a day to find, etc.
>  It seems logical that this info should be found in /proc or /var/log/
>but heck if I can find it.  Any ideas?

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