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Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in Java" is pretty good and there is a FREE online
version. See http://www.mindview.net/Books/TIJ/

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I have also used the Deitel and Deitel book for java
and was sorely disappointed in it. I was mostly using
it as reference after taking notes in class, and as a
reference book it is horrible. It doesn't give many
good examples, the index is skimpy, and overall, it
only barely touched the surface of what I needed to
actually program my projects.

(Sorry, this is something that gave me no end to
frustration when learning java, so I'm a little touchy
about the book...)

Cara, a happy c++ programmer

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The Deitel and Deitel "How to Program" books tend to
be pretty good.  
never gone through the C book, but it pops up as an
intro to 
text at some universities.  (i like college

The java book from that series was good, though some
people in my class
thought the exercises (and hence our assignments) were
too hard, and if
you believe the reviews at amazon (oh boy), the book
is a breeze for 
11 and 12 year old programmers out there.  ;)
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