[Techtalk] C programming "course"

Michael Carson mikecarson at usa.net
Thu Jan 10 09:16:15 EST 2002

    One edition of K&R that I have seen actually recommends against 
trying to use it to learn C, instead advocating itself as a language 

    Like you said, learning is a personal thing!


Terri Oda wrote:

> At 07:57 PM 09/01/02 -0500, Malcolm-Rannirl wrote:
>> I'd recommend against trying to learn from K&R. Have a copy as 
>> reference, yes,
>> it's very good at that. It's not easy to learn from though (tried 
>> that one
>> myself).
> Really?  I learned from the old first-edition K&R (not that too much 
> has changed in the second) and I think it's probably one of the 
> easiest books I've ever used for learning.  It walked me through the 
> first lessons nicely, but I didn't have to go searching through a 
> lesson plan to find stuff when I got bored of the step-by-step and 
> wanted to try something of my own devising.  I'd actually recommend 
> the K&R over any other C book, partially because it's such a good 
> reference after you've learned, but also because I found it very good.
> Of course, learning's a pretty personal thing!  But it's not like C 
> was my umpteenth computer language, so I really was a relative newbie 
> when I started it. (some basic, some irc scripting, and some MOO 
> programming, but no huge depth at that point.)
>  Terri
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