[Techtalk] Re: [Issues] C programming "course"

Erin Mulder meara99 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 21:16:03 EST 2002

Michelle wrote:
> So, if you are interested, either in taking the course or being the guru,
> e-mail me, and I'll get things set up.
> Also, if others have other ideas for courses, that would be cool, and all
> we'd need is point people to be the coordinator for individual courses.

I'm mostly a lurker here, but my C is pretty rusty and I'd be interested in
following along, whether with K+R (my favorite) or another book.

I can also offer myself up as a guru/coordinator if anyone is interested in
learning Java (or a related framework/API... e.g. J2EE, Swing, etc.).
I pretty much live and breathe the stuff.


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