[Techtalk] e-mail programs (was: What I did over the Christmas Holidays!)

Bram De Smet bram at menteb.org
Tue Jan 8 01:28:17 EST 2002

I'm using the 0.9.7 version of mozilla at work for my imap... works good 
(but only on fast machines)



Brian Sweeney wrote:

> jennyw wrote:
>> I have yet to
>> find an e-mail client that has great support for IMAP.  OE is actually 
>> the
>> closest, which is kind of scary (actually, Netscape, if it weren't buggy,
>> probably covers more IMAP features, but I hate losing messages from 
>> time to
>> time, and keyboard support in OE is much better; Mulberry couldn't 
>> even open
>> my mailbox the last time I tried it).
> I'm using Mozilla (v0.9.5, which probably needs to be updated) and have 
> been quite happy with it.  It supports folders within folders, deals 
> with imap (even ssl) pretty happily, Can support multiple accounts, etc. 
>  I find bugs off and on (the newsgroup reader seems to be the main 
> culprit), but all in all I've been quite happy with it.  You can setup 
> mail filtering rules as well, but since I often use other clients 
> (Squirrelmail, pine, etc) I use procmail for all that fun stuff.
> Hope that helps.
> -Brian
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