[Techtalk] e-mail programs (was: What I did over the Christmas Holidays!)

Brian Sweeney bsweeney at physics.ucsb.edu
Mon Jan 7 16:17:26 EST 2002

jennyw wrote:

> I have yet to
> find an e-mail client that has great support for IMAP.  OE is actually the
> closest, which is kind of scary (actually, Netscape, if it weren't buggy,
> probably covers more IMAP features, but I hate losing messages from time to
> time, and keyboard support in OE is much better; Mulberry couldn't even open
> my mailbox the last time I tried it).

I'm using Mozilla (v0.9.5, which probably needs to be updated) and have 
been quite happy with it.  It supports folders within folders, deals 
with imap (even ssl) pretty happily, Can support multiple accounts, etc. 
  I find bugs off and on (the newsgroup reader seems to be the main 
culprit), but all in all I've been quite happy with it.  You can setup 
mail filtering rules as well, but since I often use other clients 
(Squirrelmail, pine, etc) I use procmail for all that fun stuff.

Hope that helps.


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