[Techtalk] compilers

lieven theys lieven at antwerpen.be
Fri Jan 4 01:25:12 EST 2002

I'm using debian and after a quick check of the possible installation files, I saw the package:
  __ Opt devel    gcj          <none>      3.0.3-1     The GNU Java compiler.

The default GNU Java compiler for Debian GNU/Linux systems.

This is currently version 3.0.3 for this architecture (powerpc).

  __ Opt devel    gcj-3.0      <none>      3.0.3-1     The GNU compiler for Java(TM).

GCJ is a front end to the GCC compiler which can natively compile both Java(tm) source and bytecode files. The compiler can
also generate class files.

So I think you would be ok finding a Java compiler.
Don't know how well they are developed though.

Hope this helps.


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