[Techtalk] compilers

coldfire rolick571 at duq.edu
Fri Jan 4 08:39:27 EST 2002

> As for an IDE... NetBeans ( http://www.netbeans.org )
> is what I've been using to develop an RMI
> servlet with GUI client interface. I've been
> working, for the most part, on windows, but I
> have run it on linux and it seems to work
> identically (and performance _seemed_ to be
> a little better). It's the open-source foundation
> (if I understand correctly) for Sun's Forte for
> Java IDE http://java.sun.com (Which is
> also available for free in a "Community Edition," btw)

i found an IDE called 'Anjuta' <http://anjuta.sourceforge.net> ... never
tried any others under linux, but it handles makefiles and all that.  i
like it so far, but haven't used it to develop anything but console


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