[Techtalk] compilers

derek a arnold darnold at uakron.edu
Thu Jan 3 19:16:01 EST 2002

Raven Brooke wrote:

>OOHHH! I know this one!=A0=A0: )
>If you are running KDE as your desktop app, you will find KDevelop on=20
>k - menu (bottom left corner of your screen), under the Development=20
>option. I *highly* recommend this if you are a cs student accustomed=20
>using Visual C++.
>You may also want to try using the built - in compiler in Emacs,=20
though it=20
>is definately not a developmrnt environment such as you are used to.

Really?  I would like to know more about the compiler built into emacs.=20
 This could come in handy :-).


Derek Arnold
darnold at uakron.edu

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