[Techtalk] Large SAMBA-howto post

Jenn Vesperman jenn at anthill.echidna.id.au
Thu Jan 3 11:03:01 EST 2002

David responded to someone (ok, I forget who) with a large post which
included a SAMBA how-to. Mailman sent email to the admins essentially
saying 'post too large, should it be rejected?'.

While I approved it, I -won't- be approving most such posts - it just
happens that at the moment the other lists hosted on the machine are
slow, AND my guess is that most of the membership is at least somewhat
interested in using Samba, and capable of reading HTML attachments one
way or another.

However, please treat this as a one-off, not as authorisation to start
posting large HTML attachments. It -will- overstress the machine if its
done regularly - Linuxchix is hosted on a semi-retired desktop box, not
a specialist server. :)
It will also annoy our large mutt-using contingent.

That said: thanks David. You did post something I deemed worthy of being
an exception. :) 

Jenn V.
    "Do you ever wonder if there's a whole section of geek culture 
        	you miss out on by being a geek?" - Dancer.

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