[Techtalk] DNS Questions

Michelle Murrain tech at murrain.net
Fri Aug 30 11:32:03 EST 2002

I've very recently set up DNS servers, and I have a sneaking 
suspicion there is something I'm doing wrong.

First, I did register my nameservers, so that's all set. In addition, 
I did get my ISP to register the in.addr.arpa addresses for reverse 
DNS, so that *should* be set.

But, when I try a reverse lookup on one of the IP addresses that 
should have been registered, it doesn't work. But I'm not sure who's 
fault that is.

In addidition, in my system logs, I get the following about once a day:

Aug 29 23:13:59 nanuuq named[407]: bad referral 
(136.241.63.in-addr.arpa !< from 

But, none of these addresses are at all in my range, so I can't tell 
what the problem is. And these errors are always for different 
addresses, but always none in my range.

I have two nameservers, both running as masters.

In general, however, doing standard lookups from outside of my 
network to my domains works fine, and I use my DNS servers internally 
and that seems to work fine (every once in a long while I get a "host 
not known" error for a host that I know exists, but then on retry, 
it's fine).


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