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hi matthew,

i've been using Enlightenment lately - its very pretty and doesn't look
too resource hungry to me (i'm running it on a laptop p366 with 224 mb
ram (argh or something like that, cant be bothered to do the sums ;)...

when i'm doing my computer music work, i prefer WindowMaker - its a kind
of all time classic for non-system hungry stuff - and its really pretty
too, themes are really nice... i only have a 4Mb graphics card in my
desktop machine and ran sound stuff on it very happily on a modest setup
(celeron 300Mhz, and at the time it had 192Mb ram i believe....
thesedays its 450Mhz and 482Mb ram but im using it as graphics / sound
workstation ;)....

best of luck

On Wed, 2002-08-28 at 14:02, BUNTER MATTHEW wrote:
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> All,
> I'm trying to find a Window Manager for my laptop that :
> a) isn't too resource hungry (2.5M graphics card, P500 with 128M RAM).
> b) is for the users who don't like to use the mouse much. I would like to
> keep my hands on the keyboard as much as possible.
> and finally
> c) is fairly 'pretty'. I read a lot of pdfs and have found minimalist
> window managers don't display images and diagrams very well.
> The reason I put in the last one is 'cos I found ratpoison
> (http://ratpoison.sourceforge.net/) and it seems just a bit too minimalist
> for me. I had a look at Ion (http://modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~tuomov/ion/) and it
> doesn't seem bad but would like advice before trying.
> Regards,
> Matt (who watched Windows take TWO HOURS to defrag a 40G disk last night in
> preparation for Mandrake 8.2 onto his PC - not impressed - will try the
> install tonight)
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