[Techtalk] Administration, was Re: Hacked on Solaris

Eeva Järvinen eeva.jarvinen1 at luukku.com
Tue Aug 27 11:45:09 EST 2002

Really, the other thing hampering admins besides lack of money is all too
often the attitude of the management: I had to fight tooth and nail to get
permission to make employees to change their passwords regularly! They
also liked to leave their workstations logged in 24h a day... Security?
What security? What do you mean I can't write my password on a post-it and
stick it on my monitor? I mean, what's the worry? What indeed...

One tip, though: ask the managers if they give away keys to the company 
building, or leave the doors unlocked.

(my nails are ok now...)

I am a woman giving birth to myself. (Adrienne Rich)

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