[Techtalk] Re: IDE Controller support

Sophie sophie at cats.meow.at
Mon Aug 26 18:52:00 EST 2002

On Sat, Aug/24/02 04:52:45PM -0500, Julie wrote:
> Well, I got the number, then looked it up on Google.  It seems that
> the problems with the card were fixed this past Spring.  Since I
> bought the drives and cards in February this sounds like one of
> those "fixed since I last tried it" problems.  I'll have to give it
> another try this weekend or so.

Great - good luck!

> Hey, 8" floppies are =cool=.  I had a complete 7th Edition UNIX
> clone running on dual 8" floppies for a while.  No one knows how
> to write space-efficient software anymore.

Completley - writing effecient and small code is something I pride myself on. Infact, I wrote a unix userspace specifically to be small on-disk to use for a handheld machine I have.

> The oldest desktop box in the house is a 166MHz Pentium (a
> Dell Dimension XP 166, I think).  It used to run DELL UNIX
> really well, and older versions of RedHat quite adequately.
> Today it is =so= incredibly slow.

nod. This is an issue I have with Linux - over time, it seems to be getting bigger and bigger (although obviously supports more). The systems I have at home around that size (low-end pentiums) mostly run openbsd (headless), serving nfs or whatever. I enjoy openbsd because it's still fast on the slowest machines - it wasnt written for speed, but it just feels so clean, and empty... it cant be anything *but* fast.

Obviously compared to a desktop system rendering things in realtime 3d, it would suck, btu that's not what I use it for.

The slowest machines I have (not x86) run commercial unicies, which still feel fast, presumablly because they were written specifically for that architecture.

- sophie

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