[Techtalk] Re: IDE Controller support

Julie txjulie at austin.rr.com
Sat Aug 24 16:52:45 EST 2002

Sophie wrote:
> On Wed, Aug/21/02 11:39:55AM -0500, Julie wrote:
> > I'll get you the number next time I have the card in my mitts.
> ok

Well, I got the number, then looked it up on Google.  It seems that
the problems with the card were fixed this past Spring.  Since I
bought the drives and cards in February this sounds like one of
those "fixed since I last tried it" problems.  I'll have to give it
another try this weekend or so.

> > Heh.  This is what happens when you stop being a poor college student.
> > When I was in college I used 8" floppy disks.  Within a few years of
> > being out of college I was splurging on 35MB (that's mega-byte) drives
> > which seems nearly infinite compared to 1,224KB floppies.
> Raa. I have a 20MB disk somewhere - and dual 40MB in my 286 :)

Hey, 8" floppies are =cool=.  I had a complete 7th Edition UNIX
clone running on dual 8" floppies for a while.  No one knows how
to write space-efficient software anymore.

The oldest desktop box in the house is a 166MHz Pentium (a
Dell Dimension XP 166, I think).  It used to run DELL UNIX
really well, and older versions of RedHat quite adequately.
Today it is =so= incredibly slow.
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