[Techtalk] gnome2 - heeeeelllpppp!!!!

Rebecca J. Walter rjp at mail.tele.dk
Sun Aug 25 11:41:52 EST 2002

On Sat, 2002-08-24 at 02:11, /dev/null wrote:
> that'll be the best place to start i think...
> there seems to be a lot of other packages that werent provided as rpm... i've 
> just discovered them in source form.... i hooooope i wont have to go that 
> route, but it might be something missing... to start with control-center and 
> gnome-panel arent in the rpm section.... which makes me wonder....

I don't think there is a control center for GNOME2.  The panel stuff
might be different too.

There is a GNOME2 help channel on gimpnet.  Or at least there was when I
first started playing with it.  Telsa.. can you fill in with the
details? I totally forget.  But usually people there can help with some
of it and getting used to the adjustment.

When I first installed my RPMs for SuSE, I had to force sawfish, but
that was a bug in the SuSE RPMs.  SuSE has GNOME2 for 7.3 and 8.0 on the
ftp server. 

Mostly, GNOME 1.4 apps are compatible with GNOME2 (like evo. but if you
uninstalled something weird, i dunno.  check bugzilla, check evo-users
mailing list at Ximian, check #evolution on irc.gimp.org).  1.4 applets
are not compatible because the panel stuff has changed.

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