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Sat Aug 24 15:32:52 EST 2002

hi telsa,

> (If you're not interested in Gnome 2, stop reading here. This
> became _very_ long.)

hehe, no worries :) actually this is becoming more and more interesting as i 
go along... im getting to understand what goes into making up Gnome... (and i 
can recognise all the package names now ;)...

its great to get advice from the expert ;-) - i should have waited instead of 
impatiently downloading this that and the other RPM last night... regardless 
of distro (oops!)... which is where my problem lies i think...

the RPMs i started with were from gnome.org's site, but LinuxFormat mag didnt 
check that all the required libraries and desktops were there, i found the 
section they downloaded from and i think for sure it was the wrong place to 
go... there were much more complete ones under the RH7.3 directory....

but i'd started from those RedHat files and ended up having to erase some 
pre-existing gnome1.4 stuff to get it working... i think thats how i killed 
Evolution :-(....

> Building it yourself.
> ====================
> Two ways. Tarballs. And CVS. Of the two, I strongly recommend
> tarballs. They're mirrored in more places, and we know people
> have builts them successfully. CVS is a state of flux by its
> nature.

this is the way i've decided to go. time-consuming, but no more so than 
downloading all the missing RPMs and then discovering they wont work with the 
one's i've already installed.... argh!... 

then i found this

which is *really* helpful... im following it and havent had any problems so 
far -the only thing to remember is that mandrake likes everything to be 
./configure --prefix=/usr rather than /usr/local - once i figured that out, i 
was up and away... just building the desktop stuff now... 
> Automated build scripts.
> =======================

> Evolution is _not_ there (it's not ported yet). 


does this mean i will still have problems running Evolution?
i was wondering if backing up my ~/evolution directory, uninstalling and 
reinstalling might fix the problem... i was getting this error message: 

[miriam at hamish miriam]$
evolution-shell-WARNING **: Cannot access Bonobo/ConfigDatabase on wombat: 

which apparently is a common one and (whoops) happens when you install updates 
while running evolution...dang, i forgot to turn it off before i started this 
lot, and im regretting it now cos it looks like i've killed it - Beth 
recommended oaf-slay and killev, which stopped evolution okay, but didnt' 
solve the problem.... do you have any tips for getting my beloved evolution 
back?... its such a lovely mail app (and the organiser - thats why i've 
turned to using it, having everything in the one place is so nice...)

thanks heaps



cat /dev/sda1 > /dev/dsp

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