[Techtalk] gnome2 - heeeeelllpppp!!!!

mc mcgonzalez at att.net
Fri Aug 23 19:12:48 EST 2002

On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 18:11, /dev/null wrote:
> that'll be the best place to start i think...
> there seems to be a lot of other packages that werent provided as rpm... i've 
> just discovered them in source form.... i hooooope i wont have to go that 
> route, but it might be something missing... to start with control-center and 
> gnome-panel arent in the rpm section.... which makes me wonder....
> thanx
> m

I just reinstalled Ximian (long story, maybe I will post later), there
is a preview channel in Red Carpet for Gnome 2, maybe that has the
updates too?

I haven't lost my mind,
It is backed up on disk somewhere.

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