[Techtalk] Simply Hardware-ATA Connector Color

Sophie sophie at cats.meow.at
Wed Aug 21 23:10:45 EST 2002

On Wed, Aug/21/02 04:06:29PM -0400, Andrew wrote:
> 	Sophie says''  The *Black* connector is *Master*. I 
> believe... and did follow...

Yup :)

> 	...But on the manual for my "CD" the position the black 
> connector is in, "last," is listed (in the picture)
> as Slave
> 	Black is last on the ribbon wire. Wire connector Color order 
> goes from the mboard; blue, grey, black. The *picture* in the CD 
> manual is by position from the mboard primary/secondary, HD/master, 
> CD/slave. No mention of color in the CD manual.

Looks like their diagram is misleading.

> 	I took out and reinstalled all 5 drives, changing jumpers to 
> M&S from CS. I used (end of wire) black-connector as master, Middle 
> of wire "grey" as slave.

Great. I need a recap though, i've lost track of what you have and havent tried. I gave a big long list of things to do a while ago... would you be so kind as to remind me where we got up to?

> 	The same was done for the CD and CDRW, ignoring the CD's 
> manual picture.
> 	Is the CD Manual off?

It would appear so, yes. The CDrom will be ata/66, not ata/100 (cdroms are much slower). ata/66 uses the older 40-wire cables, which are indifferent to the position of master or slave, so, their manual is probbaly referencing an ata/66 cable. Indeed, it may have been produced before ata/133 existed.

> 	The fans are yet to arrive. It is ready to fire-up. I 
> disconnected the CDRW to power the 5th  drive. No. 5 is using the 
> secondary mboard slot and a black connector, jumperd to master.
> 	The artistic among us may appreciate the inside of this CPU I 
> used round ATA 133 cables of red, blue, yellow, and black. Along with 
> the power wires it is "kinda" pretty. Maybe I can find clear sides 
> for the case. Haha lol joke(-: (-;  :-)

*nods and smiles*

- sophie

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