[Techtalk] Simply Hardware-ATA Connector Color

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Wed Aug 21 16:06:29 EST 2002

Hi People,

	This question is mostly about double checking.

	Sophie says''  The *Black* connector is *Master*. I 
believe... and did follow...
	...But on the manual for my "CD" the position the black 
connector is in, "last," is listed (in the picture) as Slave
	Black is last on the ribbon wire. Wire connector Color order 
goes from the mboard; blue, grey, black. The *picture* in the CD 
manual is by position from the mboard primary/secondary, HD/master, 
CD/slave. No mention of color in the CD manual.

	I took out and reinstalled all 5 drives, changing jumpers to 
M&S from CS. I used (end of wire) black-connector as master, Middle 
of wire "grey" as slave.

	The same was done for the CD and CDRW, ignoring the CD's 
manual picture.
	Is the CD Manual off?

	The fans are yet to arrive. It is ready to fire-up. I 
disconnected the CDRW to power the 5th  drive. No. 5 is using the 
secondary mboard slot and a black connector, jumperd to master.
	The artistic among us may appreciate the inside of this CPU I 
used round ATA 133 cables of red, blue, yellow, and black. Along with 
the power wires it is "kinda" pretty. Maybe I can find clear sides 
for the case. Haha lol joke(-: (-;  :-)
	Tomorrow will tell, the fans should be here.

	    Have a nice Day!,

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