[Techtalk] Kernel Building (was Re: Simply Hardware 3B)

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Wed Aug 21 10:49:54 EST 2002

> Oh, crud! I forgot to mention: be very careful when initially unpacking
> your Linux kernel source tarball! Do *not* unpack it into /usr/src; it will
> almost certainly wipe out your current-kernel source tree (which, again,
> may not have any immediate effect on your machine, but you might want that
> source tree later...)

Good news! If you're using ho-hum source from kernel.org,>=2.4.19, the
tarball unpacks to linux-<kernelversion> instead of linux. No more /linux
	If I understood the traffic notes, the -ac and -dj trees are also
adopting this, and it should propagate just about everywhere by the end of
the year.
	For now, a bit of care, but this problem is going away -- and is
for sure gone in 2.4.19 standard (which is working quite nicely, thank


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