[Techtalk] Software vs. Hardware RAID

Andrew showork at adelphia.net
Wed Aug 21 00:09:45 EST 2002

Julie wrote:
>>This has nothing to do with your question, but what PCI card as
>>you using for an IDE controller?  I have some of the ATA/133
>>controllers which used to come with Western Digital drives, but
>>I couldn't get RedHat (2.4.7) to recognize them.  I'll be needing
>>a few more IDE drives sooner or later ...
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	To Quote Sophie; "It's a Silicon Image 0680 controller"

	I am now dreading the time when it actually boot and kernel 
may not cooperate. (-: (-;  :-)(-: (-;  :-)(-: (-;  :-)

	    Have a nice Day!,

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