VGA out, avi weirdness (was Re: [Techtalk] sonypid/spicctrl)

Hamster hamster at
Mon Aug 19 00:30:37 EST 2002


I've sort of come in on this thread half way though, but the X stuff caught my eye.

> Do I need all the rpms (including kernel-boot, kernel-source, etc?)
If you have those rpms already installed, then grab the updated versions. If you dont have them already, then dont put them on now, unless you need them.

> while back, someone said you don't want to rpm -Uvh a kernel.  I'll dig
> back and see if I can find how he said to do it.
Definately DONT -Uvh the kernel. use -ivh. This way the new kernel is installed along side the old one. This way you can revert back to the old one if you need to.
There are a couple of other steps involved too - making a new ram disk image (only if needed) using mkinitrd and then editing lilo.conf to include the new image.
If need be, I can walk you through this process, I have done it a zillion times.

  The Fn/F7
> combination doesn't really *do* anything, nor does Fn/F4 increase the
> volume, nor Fn/F3 mute.  

Those keys will probably need to be setup in order to function like that. I am thinking you will need to set either kde or gnome up to map those keys to a particular function, such as whatever programme you are using to access the sound card in the case of the volume/mixer.

As to your X config file.

The file you need to edit is dependent on the version of X you are using. If you are using Xfree version 3.x then you edit the XF86config file. For X version 4.x, you edit the XF86config-4 file. (to other readers: yes i am aware about the backward compatibilty thing - it seems to be sensible though to edit the right file for the right version)

Sorry though I have no idea what a jogdial is :( Otherwise I could help you here too. I guess I came in too late on this one. 

>... Hmm, should the 'Emulate 3 buttons' section be commented out or left 
> in?  Am I editing the right config file?  (Someone said once that I should
> edit an XFree4 config file, but I can't seem to find it.)

This shouldnt affect too much. It just means that when selected (ie not commented out) X will treat the simultaneous pressing of both left and right mouse buttons as being the middle button on a 3 button mouse.

Hope I have made some sense.


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