[Techtalk] sonypid/spicctrl

Dave North dave at timocharis.com
Sun Aug 18 13:59:37 EST 2002

> Second problem:  I am not very technically inclined.  How do I find out
> what minor device my system will use?

I think Ak has that in her notes, but they're a bit packed in places so
it's not surprising you missed it. Do:
	dmesg | grep <part-of-device-name>
... it will just pop up. To understand what's going on here, just type:
... and you'll see all manner of interesting boot, hardware and hotplug
information. It grows as you install/remove hotplug items, for example.
The | grep <foo> is just to locate the sonypi part. So the above could be
 	dmesg | grep sony
... and one of the things to pop out would be what you want.
	On my sr33, here's what happens:
sonypi: Sony Programmable I/O Controller Driver v1.13.
sonypi: detected type1 model, verbose = off, fnkeyinit = off, camera =
off, compat = off, nojogdial = off
sonypi: enabled at irq=11, port1=0x10c0, port2=0x10c4
sonypi: device allocated minor is 63

Note the last line!

>  How do I use modprobe?  (would that just be 'modprobe sonypi on'?)

Very close! But a simple:
	modprobe sonypi
... should do the trick.

> I'm also inclined to install it as a module, but I can't figure out
> whether I have the right files already or whether I have to find them.

Easiest way is to do the above and see if the module loads. If it doesn't,
it's probably not compiled with your kernel and you have to deal with

> I've also had no success getting the jogdial thing working right; maybe if
> I get this sonypi installed right, I'll be able to fix that.

Usually, yes.

> Third issue:  If I want to use the enhanced sonypid.c or the bright.c,
> where do I put them?

I keep them in /usr/local/bin. However, for convenience, if you do:
	echo $path
...any of the resultant directories is fine. They will be searched in the
order you see them.
	It really doesn't matter where you make them; I keep a directory
~/bin for my compiles, but that's just me.

> (I am not a programmer.  I'm a pharmacy student.)

The two are not mutually exclusive.

> Where do I paste the other spiffy functionality things?



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